At Rexnord, you can solve smarter every day. See our associate stories.

“Solving Smarter is a lot like continuous improvement. It is the recognition that no matter how good we are, there is always a better way. Solving Smarter means we never lose… we either win or we learn.”
— Dan Glusick, Vice President, Engineering & Innovation
“I’m inspired by Rexnord’s long-term strategic vision. It’s an exciting time, and I am glad to be on board.”
— J Mitchell, Director, Corporate RBS
“Rexnord has given me the opportunity to “steer my own ship” with my career, in letting me be transparent about what I am passionate about working on, and setting me up with the plan, resources and mentors to accomplish work for the company.”
— Chris Kelty, RBS Manager, Marketing & Training
“The Leadership Development Program has provided an opportunity to see a wide cross-section of Rexnord and its platforms from marketing, operations, Supply Chain Management, and Finance. I have had an opportunity to see in practice elements I want to incorporate in my own style of leadership.”
— Eric Buechele, MBA Leadership Development Program
“I’m proud to be part of an organization that continues to ask what’s next – not just what we can do for our customers and shareholders, but also for our communities. Our company, through the Rexnord Foundation and our local business units, has a long history of giving back to the communities in which we live and work. Our associates also give generously of their time and money to support their local communities. We intend to continue to build on this commitment.”
— Patty Whaley, Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary
“Our biggest asset is our associates and the passion they bring to everything they do. I’ve seen firsthand that associates put the customer first and they have a strong desire to solve problems and create value for our customers.”
— Thomas Samuel, Senior Corporate RBS Director
“By definition, innovate means ‘to make changes in something established.’ This is the essence of the Rexnord Business System and our Continuous Improvement mindset. Quite simply, by living in a CI culture, we innovate in how we approach and execute our work.”
— Joe Hamann, Advanced Engineering Manager