Water Management


We aspire to provide the safest and most efficient water solutions to protect human health and the environment. We design, procure, manufacture and market products that provide and enhance water quality, safety, flow control and conservation.


Our products keep water flowing wherever it is needed — including hospitals, schools, homes and businesses — and can be found in applications from roadway and roof drainage to dams and hydropower.

Water treatment is essential. The tried and tested reliability of our products helps ensure the highest quality water treatment, from filtration, to desalination, to pumping stations.


Our portfolio is unequaled by any single manufacturer globally, and our best-in-class customer service and sales organizations give you the most reliable partner in the industry. Your satisfaction is our priority.

VAG is one of the world's leading solution providers for water treatment with a full range of products and international service. VAG innovations are differentiated in the marketplace through highly engineered and customized solutions.

Zurn® brand products emphasize water conservation to take the edge off global strain, ease utility costs and expedite regulation compliance. We understand that as household, industrial and municipal needs continue to rise, it is our responsibility to rise to the challenge. That is why Zurn has partnered with the EPA WaterSense® program, Milwaukee Water Council, UN Global Compact and other organizations to help build a sustainable water future.

Our new digital product and service offerings – part of our digital platform called DiRXN™ – include smart tags to help customers keep water flowing smarter and more efficiently.