Rexnord Stands Against Racism

In our new Corporate Social Responsibility report, I shared how “doing the right thing” serves as a guiding principle for how we approach our business at Rexnord. I also shared my belief that by focusing on people, our communities, and society as a whole, we are driven every day to make responsible choices that will have a lasting impact on the world.

The deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and countless other Black women and men have shown me that we must be a voice for “doing the right thing” not just within Rexnord, but within our communities.

Rexnord stands in solidarity with the Black community against the racial injustice and discrimination that our colleagues, friends and neighbors face daily. These incidents – and the subsequent cries for justice and measurable change – have shed light on the systemic racism that continues to disproportionately impact members of the Black community.

For all of you who feel anger, sadness, grief, you are not alone. Words are not enough – and they shouldn’t be. We will do more and push past the corporate norm of social responsibility by pouring support into our local Black communities to reinforce that Black Lives Matter, and our words will be backed up by action. The Rexnord Foundation is pledging $1 million to support efforts dedicated to racial justice and equity.

Diversity and inclusion is a fundamental part of Rexnord and what we stand for. While our Core Values are clear, we are taking it a step further and we have established a Diversity and Inclusion office within Rexnord. The voices of our associates are critical and will play an important role in what we do moving forward.

We are in this together. Keep looking out for one another. Be a good role model for children – make the world a better place for them. Meet people where they are, hear and understand them – their stories, hopes, opinions and thoughts. We will be relentless and unwavering in our efforts to make this a reality.

Todd A. Adams
President and CEO