Our Water Management platform supplies the industry’s widest range of advanced water system solutions that enhance and ensure quality, safety, flow control and conservation in and around nonresidential buildings. 

We’re focused on solving smarter for our customers  through continuous improvement. Our collaboration and critical thinking keeps us forging ahead in water conservation, specification and design expertise, and lean construction – ultimately delivering products with low lifecycle costs and less maintenance. 

Zurn manufactures the industry spectrum of advanced water solutions. Even more, our expertise transcends engineering products. We support our portfolio with critical services and technologies. We continue to evolve with the customer and improve for them. Whether it’s lean construction, water conservation, digital specification, compliance, product lifecycle costs, or design support, our professionals collaborate and think independently to rise to the jobsite challenge. We’re focused on solving smarter for our customers, because we’re only as effective as our solutions are after the install.




In construction, time is money – arguably more than other industries. Lean construction isn’t a claim. It takes commitment and a lot of groundwork. 

It involves surveying real professionals and problem solving for your average jobsite challenges. Our research and development team recognizes the extra costs and manpower behind every installation. That’s why, we engineer our systems to reduce labor and steps without failing short down the road. 


inSpec, powered by Zurn, simplifies specifying plumbing projects – spec to finish. Users can select from the widest range of our advanced water solutions to create custom

Even better, it’s collaborative. Whether it’s getting a second opinion or picking up where another colleague left off, users can share, review and edit projects together. From there, users can download and send their p-schedule and spec sheets to architects. After that, it’s as easy as copying a previous project to move on to the next one.


Water usage has a ripple effect on everyday life and our shared resources. Investment in our drinking water and wastewater systems is essential to our national health and the integrity of our environment. It’s also critical to do so efficiently.

Our engineers develop, test and continue to improve every solution, ensuring high quality, yet low consumption. We find ways to deliver power, while optimizing water efficiency. We enhance our sensor technologies and connected capabilities, so a system isn’t using water when it’s not supposed to. But it goes beyond the products. We align our business with meaningful organizations who offer water savings programs and make a real impact across the nation.