Go Paperless! Reduce Waste with VERDEdri® Hand Dryers and Save Nearly 18,000 Trees a Year

Every time a person uses a paper towel to dry their hands, it contributes to paper waste. In fact, we estimate that in one year, VERDEdri® replaces 18,000 trees and 446 million paper towels. VERDEdri® dryers from Zurn’s World Dryer business offer a chance to start saving more trees.

Reducing Waste

Launched in 2015, the VERDEdri® line of dryers from World Dryer offers a low-waste, low-energy solution that helps stop the paper waste of towel drying. Drying hands in as little as 12 seconds, it’s a quiet, hygienic solution that uses only 950 watts of electricity.

“All hand dryers eliminate the paper trail,” says World Dryer General Manager Sean Martin. “World Dryer underscores efficiency. We’re focused on not only reducing the use of paper and costs for the owner, but also improving the user experience with quieter products that keep drying times low and promote sanitation. It’s a thoughtful balancing act to how we engineer our product solutions.” 

Why it Matters

Conservation International reports that the world has lost nearly half its forests due to agriculture, development or resource use. At the same time, deforestation accounts for 11 percent of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions. Solutions that reduce paper usage can play a part in decreasing our environmental impact. 

And that’s not to mention the health benefits of a no-touch hand-drying solution, thanks to motion sensors, or the energy efficiency of VERDEdri® dryers’ fast performance with less power.

The Benefits Add Up

Beyond their environmental impact, VERDEdri® dryers are also an example of Solving Smarter for our customers. With their low energy use, long motor life, and less staff time spent on refilling towels, the cost of use is 99 percent lower than paper towels.

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