Rexnord Run Dry Solutions Saves Water by Matching Conveyors with Bottling and Packaging Lines

While many factors must be considered to choose the right conveyor for a particular production need, at Rexnord we’ve found that some bottling and packaging lines can be successful with conveyors that reduce or eliminate water consumption altogether.

Traditional bottling lines are usually lubricated with water and soap lubrication that is sprayed continuously on the conveyor chain. At Rexnord, we’ve developed special plastic resins with internal lubricant packages, eliminating the need for external lubricants.

This means lines can “run dry,” providing significant water savings.

That was the case of a recent project at beverage producer in Europe. There, a bottling line encompassing more than a half mile of different chain types was converted to run dry, for a reduction of over 1.5 million gallons of water a year.Conveyers that Reduce Water Consumption, Run Dry Solutions | RexnordThat’s well over two Olympic-size swimming pools of water saved per year. 

“When our Application Engineers work with a customer to understand the full picture of their needs, we can help find the most practical, cost-effective solution and, ideally, one that conserves as many resources as possible,” says Mary Kate Phillips, Vice President/General Manager of the Consumer Sector for Rexnord PMC. 

The European beverage company mentioned above achieved additional benefits as a result of the conversion. This included a reduction in wastewater treatment, elimination of lubricant costs, and expected longer equipment life due to eliminating the calcium deposits typically left by water lubrication.

Benefits That Go Beyond

Beyond these, benefits of run dry conveyors also include dry floors for improved safety; reduced corrosion on equipment, bearings, motors and floor areas; and reduced mold growth and sanitation requirements due to bacteria problems. 

Rexnord has helped plants run dry for over 5 years with its superior, patented solutions, saving millions of gallons of water in the process.

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