Ultimate Hygienic Environment

At Rexnord, we have the responsibility of incorporating two very important components into our water management products– sustainability and hygiene. Now more than ever, as the world adapts to key impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to ensure that high traffic areas such as restrooms are not only using resources efficiently but are also safe and hygienic.

Through our Zurn platform, we are taking our mantra of “Solving Smarter” to a whole new level with the goal of creating the ultimate, sustainable and hygienic system that integrates our plumbSMART and touchless products. It will also go beyond our core products and includes features such as occupancy lights, air quality sensors, customer feedback mechanisms, and more.

When we connect all our hygienic and sustainable products, we’re able to transform the public restroom design. This includes receiving real time alerts that notify our customers when the system reduces consumption and identifies important usage patterns. Additional functions include:
  • Reduces water consumption – by understanding the top consuming fixtures, customers can keep them operating optimally
  • Identifies patterns – with usage, water consumption, water pressure and customer satisfaction levels, customers can understand their products better
  • Consumable management – users get inventory tracking data points, supply shortages and replacement and repair orders

Additionally, our system uses realtime data to monitor handwashing usage and provides a “handwashing score.” Effective handwashing keeps associates, customers and the environment healthier. Our Zurn Connected Faucet + Flush Valve tracks CDC compliant handwashing in our restrooms and uses the data to monitor effectiveness of hygiene programs. The handwashing score is great for schools, food prep, healthcare and any facility looking to reduce spread of germs.

For more information about how Zurn is working for a safer, more sustainable future, please visit our website here.

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