Wind and Natural Gas Power Generation

We’ve continued to expand our PMC business to explore new areas of energy production. We have been strategically focused on developing a stronger entry into the renewable energy market through our Wind Power Industry Solutions.

With the acquisitions of Tollok and CENTA, we have strengthened our relationships with customers in the marine, power generation and industrial markets, and expanded our experience in designing and manufacturing coupling systems and locking assemblies across the globe.
Rexnord has helped enable 89 gigawatts worth of power generation. This is equivalent to the power generated from over 36,000 wind turbines, 115 million horses worth of horsepower, or enough power to run 9.7 billion LED lights.
As a preferred global component supplier to the top wind turbine manufacturers, we are committed to driving innovation and efficiency and helping to expand clean energy solutions around the world. Wind power projects have the potential to displace conventional electric generating facilities that burn fossil fuels and contribute to a sustainable, decarbonized electrical grid.

Rexnord products also enable reliable and efficient natural gas power generation. We view gas-fired generation as a bridge to a carbon neutral environment and as an effective interim means to help offset the intermittency of renewable generation.

Gas-based power capacity enabled by Rexnord doubled from 2011 to 2020, compared to 2000 to 2010. Through our Thomas, Euroflex, and CENTA brands, the benefits we provide our customers by supporting gas-based power generation include:
  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions – – today, coal-fired power stations produce around 40 percent of the world’s electricity, which represents more than twothirds of global CO2 emissions from electricity generation.*
  • Prioritize clean air – Compared to coal-fired power plants, modern natural gas-fired power plants emit less than one-tenth of the sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, particulates and heavy metals.
  • Use less water – Natural gas-fired power plants consume less than 50 percent of the water required for coal-fired electricity generation.
  • Integrated with renewables – Natural gas-fired power plants provide a competitive and flexible backup to renewables. They can reach full output in minutes, providing electricity almost instantaneously and rapidly responding to lulls in renewable supply and to surges in demand.
We’re helping the advancement of gas fired generation to be more efficient and reduce carbon emissions through our global clientele. For more information, please visit our site for Energy Industry Solutions.

*Natural gas emits between 45 percent and 55 percent lower greenhouse gas emissions than coal when used to generate electricity, according to IEA data.

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