Zurn Products to Save 34 Billion Gallons of Water in 2021

There is no question that water is an every day necessity for everyone – we need it to live, to heat and cool our homes and workplaces, sanitize equipment, stifle fires, and more. As demand for water increases, resource management must respond accordingly, without sacrificing performance and efficiency.

At Zurn, we supply advanced water system solutions that are not only designed with quality, safety, and flow control in mind, but to also ensure our customers are conserving as much water possible for nonresidential buildings. Our emphasis on water conservation eases utility costs and expedites regulation compliance for customers. Simply put, we’re able to simplify the process, while optimizing water usage.
34 billion gallons
Based on number of products sold in calendar year 2020, we estimate our Zurn water conservation products will save an additional 34 billion gallons of water in calendar year 2021.

Sustainable water management is integral to our business, and we will continue to innovate our products and help customers responsibly manage water in their facilities.

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These savings are based on number of products sold for a combination of our products, including:

  • Our manual and sensor flush valves that save 20 percent more water versus the standard flow product and will save 1.2 billion of gallons next year.
  • Our sensor faucets, using our sensor equation factor paired with CDC handwashing guidelines, and our low flow manual faucets save 50 percent more water versus the standard flow products and will save 1.1 billion gallons next year
  • Our low flow toilet bowls will save 20 percent more water versus the standard 1.6 gallon flow and our waterless urinals that use 100 percent savings versus the standard 1.0 urinal flow will together save 510 million gallons of water next year.
  • Our pressure reducing valves reduce water system pressure rates and will save 31.6 billion gallons of water in 2021.

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