Focus on Associate Health and Wellness

Associate health and wellness is an important focus at Rexnord. In July 2020, we opened a remodeled and redesigned headquarters building built with wellness in mind for our PMC associates in Milwaukee. Converted from an older healthcare-provider building, the new facility was custom designed so every associate has their own workspace complete with adjustable sit-to-stand desks.

Also on site is a cafeteria providing associates fresh, healthy food. To promote mind and body wellness, the location includes a gym facility and fitness classroom. Free fitness classes for associates will be provided once health officials advise it is safe to do so.

The building features new technology incorporated throughout, including product showcases with touchscreens that are changeable based on the specific customers and community members coming to visit the building. There is also a Rexnord University area where visitors can “go to school” in a classroom style, hands-on experience for learning. The customer experience center will be open to the community in the future, and we expect to welcome visitors including student robotics teams and STEM classes from around the community who are eager to learn more about our company and products.

Serving as a single hub for Milwaukee PMC associates who used to be spread across 11 different buildings, the state of the art building will allow for further integration and collaboration among different teams and colleagues once it is safe to do so.

Of course, water and energy conservation took priority in the design. The facility features Zurn products, including plumbSMART software to monitor plumbing and ensure good water management. It is also designed with improved insulation, energy efficient windows, and a building management system for HVAC systems. Situated in a convenient, downtown location, free 24/7 parking equipped with charging stations, the new building is a perfect space for PMC associates to come together to work smarter.

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