Supporting Associates Around the World

It is no doubt that 2020 was an unprecedented year. At Rexnord, we knew it was crucial to find ways to promote the health and safety of our associates, while engaging them in wellness activities and supporting the livelihood of our surrounding communities in which we live and work.

Below, we have listed out the various initiatives around the world in which we supported our associates in 2020:

As part of Monterrey’s ‘Beyond the Door’ program that encourages engagement with both associates and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic, the facility hosted a drawing competition. First developed by associates at a U.S. location who used the adult coloring books with inspirational messages as a therapeutic activity, our Monterrey associates adapted the activity for their own needs, which focused on family education.

Monterrey associates and their families entered 50 drawings demonstrating COVID-19 prevention practices, and 18 kids received grand prizes. This contest was in addition to the COVID-19 kits Rexnord distributed to associates and their families in June and July, which included sanitizing gel and face masks.

At our Matamoros location, associates held a face mask design and decorating contest. 37 families of associates participated, and three winners were chosen based on design creativity, COVID-19 prevention and originality. Winners received food for their families to enjoy.

We also understood a responsibility to serve the Monterrey community and the local businesses in it. One example was supporting Coffee Shop 21, a business developed by a local teacher that provides adults with disabilities a safe and inclusive working environment. Rexnord supported the start-up by donating equipment and installing infrastructure with the help of our associates.

To learn more about our support, please view the video here.

Typically, during Maryland Crab Month, our Cambridge, Md., associates come together for an annual crab feast. This year, we wanted to keep the tradition alive, but in a safe way for our associates. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the 2020 Crab Feast was a ‘take home’ meal they could enjoy with their families. Associates were invited to come by to pick up fresh crabs that had arrived by the bushel that same day from a local vendor. In total, 220 boxed meals were given out, one for every associate to share with their family.

At our s-Gravenzande, Netherlands location, we have a visual workplace that supports our team's commitment to have information readily available for associates. The visual workplace is managed by local associates, who are empowered to oversee the work facility.

Additionally, in the spring of 2020, during peak tulip season, Dutch flower growers in the community were being forced to destroy millions of flowers due to lack of demand stemming from the pandemic. To support local growers, reduce surplus flora waste in the community and to brighten our associates’ day, Rexnord FlatTop in the Netherlands ordered flowers to be delivered to associates as a “thank you” for their commitment and hard work amidst the crisis.

To ensure a safe working environment for associates while providing reassurance, our Correggio facility provided serologic tests onsite to all associates who may have come into contact with the virus. The test was offered at zero cost to associates and administered in as convenient a way as possible: directly at the facility.

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