The Rexnord Supplier Code of Conduct: Integrity in All We Do Together

The Rexnord Supplier Code of Conduct documents our standards to ensure they are well understood by every supplier. It explains our expectations that our suppliers and their supply chains will operate with integrity, provide safe working conditions for associates, treat people fairly, and act with environmental responsibility.

“At Rexnord, we consider integrity and responsibility to be fundamental in everything we do. We are firmly committed to sourcing responsibly and appreciate the commitment from our suppliers to help us maintain this commitment,” says Patty Whaley, Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary.

Rexnord suppliers are expected to ensure ongoing compliance with the Code and to maintain documentation to demonstrate that compliance. Failure to comply with the Code serves as grounds for disqualification as a Rexnord supplier. 

Read the full Rexnord Supplier Code of Conduct here

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