Rexnord's Diversity and Inclusion Programs Help Us to Solve Smarter

Inclusion is built into our HR programs and processes, from seeking diverse candidates for our intern and recruiting programs, to a bi-annual gender pay equity review that is reported to our board of directors. 

In addition, our commitment to total associate engagement helps ensure that every associate is involved so they can do their best work and help the company do its best work too.

We have zero tolerance for discrimination or harassment based on age, race, religious beliefs, ethnicity, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, experience, national origin, style and cultural background. 

Supporting an Inclusive Community 

Rexnord also works to support inclusion within our community by participating in leadership initiatives that celebrate diversity and support diverse perspectives.

For the past two years, Rexnord has been a sponsor of the Women of Influence Symposium in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which gathers hundreds of rising women leaders for education and networking opportunities.

 Supporting a Diverse & Inclusive Environment & Community | Rexnord

Rexnord joined the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce in 2018, becoming a member of the Leadership Council in 2019. Our participation has included taking part in the Chamber’s job fair and sponsoring a conference for the organization Out in STEM, a non-profit for LGBTQ+ students and professionals in the science, technology, engineering and math fields.  

We also have sponsored Veteran’s Day radio programming in Milwaukee to shine a spotlight on the benefits of hiring veterans. In partnership with the Milwaukee VA Hospital, Rexnord associates who are veterans have been featured in informative advertisements. 

And, in 2019, Rexnord joined other leading local employers in signing the “Region of Choice” pledge as part of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Associate of Commerce (MMAC). With the goal of making Milwaukee’s workplaces and community more welcoming, companies taking the pledge are committing to increase the number of African-American and Hispanic/Latino employees in Metro Milwaukee by 15 percent, and the number of African-American and Hispanic/Latino managers in Metro Milwaukee by 25 percent, by 2025. MMAC will use 2019 data from employers to set a baseline, then will report aggregate data on an annual basis to track progress. 

We also recognize the value of diversity at the leadership level. We were fortunate to have two additional women join our Board in 2019, making it 30 percent gender diverse. Moving forward, we are continuing our focus on recruiting Board members with diverse experiences and backgrounds.

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