The Rexnord Internship Program: Growing Talent and Making a Social Impact

To keep Solving Smarter for our customers, Rexnord needs a robust talent pipeline that brings great people into our company. Our Intern Program is designed to do just that. It gives early exposure to our business and challenges interns with meaningful projects that give them on-the-job learning.

A System for Growth

“The Intern Program is an investment in Rexnord’s future success and often helps us discover future associates and leaders,” explains Rexnord HR Manager Nate Schoepp. From day one, it provides students with real-world experience and exposure that puts their education into practice. 

Beyond being challenged with meaningful on-the-job projects, participants learn about Rexnord, our Rexnord Business System and our culture of high performance. Our interns have delivered proven results on our business as well. Some examples include:
  •  A Rexnord Business System internship helped in the implementation of a 5S lean manufacturing program
  • An accounting internship helped the company identify $300,000 in cost savings
  • Inside sales internship that generated more than $1 million of incremental sales

Importantly, Rexnord interns don’t do this alone. A unique aspect of the program is that each intern is assigned a mentor to help guide their experience and make sure they’re working toward meaningful goals that align with Rexnord’s broader business goals. They grow and we grow with them.

A Way to Connect

Internship Program: Growing Talent & Making a Social Impact | Rexnord
“Rexnord’s internship program paired me with an excellent manager and provided organized activities to meet other interns, managers, and senior level leadership, says Morgan Keck, a  Rexnord intern who went on to join the company as an environmental engineer. 

“The program gives interns a great feel for Rexnord’s company culture, which is what I really enjoy about this company. This has helped me feel more comfortable communicating with associates in different roles now that I’m at Rexnord full time.”

Another former intern, AX Systems Analyst Ashley Kloss, says the program helped expand her understanding of her potential to make an impact. 

 “The different plant tours and training sessions that were planned throughout my internship really helped me grasp how Rexnord operates as a business. This showed me a different point of view outside of my career field, which is IT, and it helped me realize how my work in IT can affect other areas of the business. When I look back on it today, I can say that my intern experience not only improved my knowledge, but it also helped me grow as a person.”

An Opportunity to Make an Impact

Rexnord’s Intern Program also puts an emphasis on social responsibility by engaging our interns in community activities that help expose them to the positive impact businesses have on their communities. Like associates, interns have paid time for volunteerism, contributing to the company’s thousands of hours of local impact.

Rexnord’s Internship Program

Over the last three years, 21 Interns converted to full time roles within Rexnord with a 95 percent retention rate. Interns have been hired into roles on various teams, including Marketing, Sales, Engineering, IT, Finance and Human Resources. We strive to recruit a diverse pool of students that bring different perspectives, and last year, 25 percent of our interns were women.

Our intern program has also helped create Rexnord ‘Brand Ambassadors’ on campuses (and with Faculty), which has helped improve candidate referrals - a win-win for both students and Rexnord. 

The program partners with multiple schools to ensure a broad and inclusive array of student applicants. Academic partners include Marquette University, Milwaukee School of Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Penn State University, Auburn University, Virginia Tech and North Carolina State. Around half of interns typically come from partner schools. 

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