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Environmental Conservation and Water Management, How Rexnord Practices Sustainability.




我们的 Process & Motion Control (PMC) 平台为复杂的生产系统提供高度工程化的机械和数字化机械部件解决方案,在这些系统中,出现故障或停机的成本很高,因此可靠性至关重要。该平台可帮助其他公司开发更高效的流程,进而减少能源和水的使用。

我们的 Water Management 平台提供业内广泛的先进水系统解决方案,以增强和确保非住宅建筑内外部的质量、安全、流控制和保护。

Other examples of our commitment to sustainability through our PMC and Water Management products include:
  • Our Zurn Water Management System provides water solutions that protect human health and the environment.
  • In FY19, our Zurn products saved 1.1 billion gallons of water, the equivalent of 27 million bathtubs. 
  • In one year, World Dryer hand dryers replace 181,000 trees and 4.6 billion paper towels.

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使用 VERDEdri® 实现无纸化,每年可拯救近 18,000 棵树木
使用 VERDEdri® 实现无纸化,每年可拯救近 18,000 棵树木

了解 Zurn World Dryer 业务的 VERDEdri® 干燥机如何提供开始拯救更多树木的机会。

每次冲水均节水:Zurn WaterSense 产品可节约超过 450 亿加仑的水
每次冲水均节水:Zurn WaterSense 产品可节约超过 450 亿加仑的水

Zurn 为拥有 450 多种带有 WaterSense 标签的水龙头、马桶和小便器型号而感到自豪。

We’re proud our products help customers reduce their own environmental impacts and recognize the importance of responsibly managing and reducing our own impacts. We have continually increased renewable energy investments and continually work on reducing our operations’ energy and water usage and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.